Monday, 2 July 2018

Friday, 29 June 2018

sky diving

ones a upon a time on the holidays  Yolanda and her friends Victoria, Nature and Awhina and Rosie. One night We  all had an exciting dream that we had a day that we went skydiving. One day Yolanda had an idea that  we could be doing a experiment. It is going to be us going up on a trip to what the sky looks like and  It is all about skydiving.

Next a  airplane came and picked us up then we all  counted backwards to 1. So then we jumped and started screaming and laughing at each other and we screaming again. hen we looked  up at the clouds it looked like the clouds were cotton candy and candy floss clouds when we dropped we were extremely terrified! and shocked.

After When we flow we felt freezing cold and  the wind was racing through my hair and it felt like an ice cream landing on my face and hitting it. My heart was rapidly beating as fast as it could. When I fly it was like I was still having a nice dream in my mind and that it felt like I am having a cold icey shower in the cold rain and when I am upside down.

When we landed it looked like the mountains had lots of candy that people can eat so me and my friends landed and try to crap it of so then Victoria and Rosie and Yolanda got of some candy but the others didn’t so then we flow down and landed back now on the ground.

Friday, 22 June 2018


This week my maths class is learning about Polygons and it is a 2D shapes.

Monday, 18 June 2018


Hi my name is Yolanda and this year team 4 are learning about forces and flight, the four forces are lift, drag, thrust and weight. Lift creates air then it goes fast and slow then it creates combined to bernoulli’s principle and thrust is one of the forces and propeller, drag occurs naturally and object goes through air and water, weight must be equal or greater than the wings weight.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

maths DIMC

this we did a DIMC we got the Answer becuase 1 x 80 = 3200 
40 x 8 tens and it =s 3200+ 160 = 3360

Wednesday, 13 June 2018


A Piece of Paradise

Type here for what the rain god did.

Make it rain heaps of times.

Type here for what the rain god and sun god did together. They shook hands.

Type here for what the rain god did. He made it rain because they said that it was a great idea to make it rain so it rained and rained.

Write three or four sentences describing why it is important to work together like the sun and the rain to produce crops. It rained all the time because the rain god said that it was a great idea to make it rain all day and it didn't work and they worked as a great team they were so happy and proud to what they did and when they worked together they both shook hands they like to help and are friendly all the time to others so they can be friends.

this we we are learning about A Piece of Paradise

maths problem

This Is my maths problem for this week this is what we did.

Monday, 11 June 2018

across lake taupo

I got this because 8+2=10 and 80+200=280.

Last week on friday we celebrated Matariki, First when I was at my class waiting to call out my name me I was so excited then Miss West said that I was in Room 24 room 25 room 26 room 27 my teachers were Miss Miss Gaston and Miss Carter.

We made galaxy slime we made it with Glue, food coloring and glitter and water. When we made it my team had to do it again and it was watery and then we put some food coloring in side it was all black and watery so then we lift it.

After morning tea we came to look at it, it was all black and we didn’t want to touch it and it turned blue and we didn’t want it, it was yuck and know ones one worked it.

Next we made star cookies we made it with the dow and then we left. After launch we ate the cookies.

After that we went to the hall.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018


Today we had to show what we can write when when we have 40 minutes to write without talking to others. we were able to work quietly to complete the task.

Once a upon a time there was a girl name yolanda and her friend Keyanna and Julieanna and kiarah. They went and grabbed a bucket and put some water in it then when they came back they put the bucket down the ground.

When they left it there and went on a ride at rainbows end a bees were in the bucket and they drank the water from the bucket it looked so dirty that it had grass in the bucket and the water turned green and it was smelly. After the bees drank the bucket of water they left it smelly and dirty they were so excited and at the beginning when the water the were like that looks cool let's drink it so they did then they said that tastes great.

After them a bird came along and drank the and they were saying yummy good for my tamy it looked so gross that they didn’t care about it. Then it turned yellow.

After that a rabbit came and was looking at the water the rabbit was scared that someone will eat him but he still drank the water then when it saw a bird he fort that they will come and scary him away so then he ran away with the bucket because he didn’t want anyone to no that he was the one that to the bucket. He put his mouth in there and drank it so yummy.

Next a donkey came and saw the bucket laying around and when he looked at it he went to it and the rabbit was not there and he drank it when he drank it he saw the rabbit coming to it so then he ran away and then the rabbit took it away again.

Next a roster came and saw the bucket laying around so then he went to it then he saw the people having heaps of fun and he was thing if a person comes and find me drinking it I am going to run away from him and tell them to stop it.

Then a cow came and saw a bucket of water so then he came to it and it is so fresh I am going to drink it. It tastes so nice that I am going to take it with me.

After julieanna and me and keyanna lot there bucket of water then they went and grabbed it from the roster then they got it back.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

air planes

This is about air planes how they can fly.


this is my DIMC and watch my video. I  add 17 and 18 it makes 24 then it times it 24x 1 =  24 then 1 x 24 = 24.  

solving problem

This week we have been doing  solving problem

Monday, 28 May 2018

fiafia writing

On Thursday last term  we had our school fiafia there were food and fizzy drinks. After we have eaten we had to go to the breeze and a teacher will ask you what dressing room are you are in and  then you say what group. When I went then I said the Samoa group the room that I went to was room 19. Then after we got changed we lined up to get ready to go outside and sit down and it was  wet on the ground.

Next we started and we were at the back. It was freezing cold out there and it was rainy out there and everyone was cold and the rain was coming to us  and I was sitting with my mum. Then the rain stopped when it was our turn people were standing at the front of the stage when I went on stage I felt like I was so excited.

When we started people were calling out people's  names then they looked like they were so proud of us. The song we were dancing to soso mai and  dj smith samoa songs.