Friday, 16 February 2018


Once upon a time in the morning it was so raining and storming in the morning  it was so hot and  I had 4 cousins and there name was Mary, Karen, Jk and Maylanna and me and my mum and dad we all lived in a nice house and it had 7 rooms  for me and my cousins  and my mum and dad than when it was night time we were all asleep.  he next day  we all went on our bikes they saw this thing then they saw a    pipe  that looked like a t and there were big bushy trees and to much green grass that grows  to  big and there was a little path over there and there was a gate.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


While reading list questions that you have below.  We will be discussing these questions as a group:
  1. Are there freshwater trout in Auckland? (Mrs. M)
  2.    How many years did tuna swim for? Yolanda

Create: At the end of the text it says, “Mā pango, mā whero, ka oti ai te mahi.”  Create a 30 second news broadcast telling the readers of your blog what that means to you and how it relates to the Omaru Creek here in GI.     

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Manaiakalani film festival.

On Wednesday the 2s and 3s both went to the movies to watch our movies and we were excited. We were at the film festival  we watched lots of movies. My favourite movie was Clayalien it was made by makerspace and my class was in it. I loved this movie because it was very well made and the kids were great actors.

The story was about an  alien come to Pt  England school and all of the class got scared because they thought it was a monster coming  to the classroom and scared the kids at school and they ran away. Next they went to another class  and it was our class we hide under the table.

We came from under the table and a girl Gabby standed up and  waved  at us and Hendrix was looking at Gabby. We all went  to the mat and were doing staff with our hands. It was like we were playing around next at the end I was throwing clay on the ground.

It was cool seeing me on the big screen and when I saw myself on the screen I felt afraid seeing myself on the big screen.

Friday, 3 November 2017


 Dear Manawa thank you for your letter I liked how you draw pictures. This term we are learning about music and musical madness. We got to make our own music and we went with our friends and we had to try and make a song with our shakers.We played our recorders so we can get better at it sometime when we play it and when we play it gets noisy. We are doing test this term. I was born in Samoa.  What are you learning about this term?

This term I am looking forward to film festival because there might be some funny movies to watch. We have lots of amazing things this term.   Do you do lots of fun things?    

This term not playing any sports and my favorite sport is cricket netball and volley.  Do you like playing sports and what are your favorite sports?

Thursday, 26 October 2017


On  Wednesday me and my class was really glad to playing the  recorder. First we went in a circle and  we were waiting patiently so we can get our recorders.  Our teacher Miss Davis excitedly was showing us how to play it.  

Next we were playing the notes D and C it was so hard. When we were playing it was so noisy for us and it sounded like a door creaking. We  went to go practice with our friends. We were practicing  the notes so we can get more better at it.

Once we were finished practicing we went back to the floor then Miss Davis said to  my friend Le’sher to start us off then we went around the  circle then  we all got a turn.  A boy call Chaun was play a different note but he never knew what he was playing.  Our teacher called  a group to go put it away if she called it  they have to go  and  play it after they get to the bucket they have to put it in there. I felt so enthusiastically because we leant something new.