Wednesday, 24 June 2020

The star Fishes

Today I had to write about what happened in the story and this is what my book was about. the book that I was reading was about the fishes getting caught and then they got to be the 7 stars. so then I had to write who was in the story where it happened and what happened first and then what happened next then what happened then then what happened last. 

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Writing Blog Comments T2W7 Choose it Writing

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So today for writing I had to write to 5 different people I was leaving blog comments on there blog here are 5 people I decided to leave blog comments.

Friday, 19 June 2020


Today was another special assembly because we had a Samoan and New Zealand boxer Joseph Parker and his sister  Elizabeth Parker.  Joseph Parker gave us some advice about our selves he said that it is actually important to believe in yourself  don’t wait until someone tells you that you are good at something just believe in yourself.

The other advice he gave to the whole of Point England School is nothing beats hard work that means that you need to work hard and focus to something you want to be good at like for example reading id you wanna be good at reading you will need help from like your parents and your teacher to get better at it. 

Joseph Parker is 28 years old,  his real name is  Joseph Dennis Parker. He was born in South Auckland. Joseph Parker’s height is 1.93 Meters. Joseph Parker’s trainer is Kevin Barry for boxing.

Joseph Parker - Heavyweight Champion of the World - Samoa Events Joseph Parker (boxer) - Wikipedia

Thursday, 11 June 2020



Today my class Room 5 maths students were watching a video about a Tane and his parents separating. Long time ago in the long clouds Papatuanuku and Ranginui were arguing about the 70 kids living in the darkness and they didn’t like living in the darkness.

The other thing they were arguing about was they didn’t like the kids being all together and some of the kids didn’t like living with each other. Because the kids didn’t like staying together and living without light. So the argument was all about the 70 kids that were gonna think of a way to do something so separate there parents to get light.

After they argued Tane decided to separate the parents so he did but when Tane separated them they got light to live. Even  they chopped off the parents' hands because of how they were refusing to separate from each other.

 After that he changed it and made it into a Taniwha then after that he put a face and he rubbed it out and made it into a face and made a mountain and made another face in the corner. After that he made a mountain and he made a window with sand and when he made it you could see the mountain  and the face was looking on the side right at the side looking at it.

Venn Diagram

This is another task about Papatuanuku and Ranginui separating from each other and here is what I think.