Monday, 2 July 2018

Friday, 29 June 2018

sky diving

ones a upon a time on the holidays  Yolanda and her friends Victoria, Nature and Awhina and Rosie. One night We  all had an exciting dream that we had a day that we went skydiving. One day Yolanda had an idea that  we could be doing a experiment. It is going to be us going up on a trip to what the sky looks like and  It is all about skydiving.

Next a  airplane came and picked us up then we all  counted backwards to 1. So then we jumped and started screaming and laughing at each other and we screaming again. hen we looked  up at the clouds it looked like the clouds were cotton candy and candy floss clouds when we dropped we were extremely terrified! and shocked.

After When we flow we felt freezing cold and  the wind was racing through my hair and it felt like an ice cream landing on my face and hitting it. My heart was rapidly beating as fast as it could. When I fly it was like I was still having a nice dream in my mind and that it felt like I am having a cold icey shower in the cold rain and when I am upside down.

When we landed it looked like the mountains had lots of candy that people can eat so me and my friends landed and try to crap it of so then Victoria and Rosie and Yolanda got of some candy but the others didn’t so then we flow down and landed back now on the ground.

Friday, 22 June 2018


This week my maths class is learning about Polygons and it is a 2D shapes.