Friday, 22 February 2019

Describing Yolanda

I am Smart because I am good at my addition and subtraction.

I am funny because I make my friends laugh.

I am a Imaginative because I am smart and good at imagintioning.

I am Artistic because I am good at drawing pictures.

I am friendly because I have friends and that I respect  them.

I am sporty because I am good at playing sports.

I am beautiful because I am a girl.

I am emotional because I always act like one of the emotions.

I am popular from because of how I act.

I am sensible because I am act normal.

I am diligent because I show caring to others.

I am helpful because I help people do the right thing.

I am sportive because I cheer for others.

I am patient because I wait nicely.

I am compassionate because I show empathy.

I am warm hearted because I show sympathetic and kindness.

I am commutative because I work as a team.

I am outstanding because I show it and have it.

I am perfect because of how I show other kindness.

I am sympathetic because I show it to others so that they can do sympathetic to.

If you would invite any famous person to dinner who would it be and why.

If I could invite any famous people who would it be to dinner and why? I would invite to dinner  Joseph Parker, Toa Samoa because they are they are my favourite players. I want Joseph Parker to come over so that he can show me how good he is and show me how to box so that I can be good as him at boxing and so that I can learn new skill with him. I want Toa Samoa to come over to so that they can show me how to play rugby.  So that I can be good as them and so that I can play when I get older in the team Toa Samoa and I want to learn new skills from them. I want to invite Miss Tuia because she is the best teacher and she is better then Mr Goodwin because she makes us laugh nearly everyday.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Holiday's writing

In the holidays, my cousins and I went to Parakai pools. My cousin and I  jump straight into the pool with my other cousins. Then my cousin kept on getting mad at me because I kept on going to my friend from Pt England School. We kept on laughing with my friend and my cousin. I kept on asking why were they laughing at me but they didn’t tell me.

So I just left them. After they tried to come to me “ I said stop your making me angry” . “If you want to talk and have fun with me so then they said ok” . After that my cousin and I went back to the pools and did bomb’s and jumped off the side. Then my cousin and I kept jumping and trying to teach me to swim because I was jumping up and down tricking my older cousin saying that I couldn’t reach the floor.

My older cousin was trying to let me go in the pool but I said don’t then she kept on saying bye!  as she left me. She starts  to laugh. I was trying to see if she new that I could reach the floor. She didn’t know so I was still jumping then she left me and swam to the other side to my other little cousin and I try to call her but she didn’t even care about me.

She was trying to tell her two  sister's to come and get me well I was jumping up and down. My cousins sisters is no but she kept on saying hurry up and go to her now. After that I tried to swim to her  well she left my little cousin I got up from the water and I tried to call her name but she didn’t care. I called her name a fourth time but she still didn’t care about me so when I was almost there was going to go out of the pool because of my older cousin.

After that my cousins and my brothers came in jumped in the pool and started to throw me and my cousins over to the other side own to the deep pool. We kept on saying stop it but they still throw us down they were laughing but my cousins didn’t like it but my brothers liked it. But  my cousin liked it a bit they just was trying to tell them to stop and try to run away from them. I just was going to try and get mad so that they can stop and start laughing at me.

After that my cousin said asked me if we can go back to the slide before we go back home then I said yep but you have to slide with me before we go back to my house when we slide it took so long to walk up to the slide so I tried to stop but my cousin kept on saying hurry up come on but then I said wait my legs hurt but then I try to walk up as fast as I can so that my legs don’t hurt.

I got to the top and we slide together down my cousin was laughing but when we slide down we went going down the bottom when we go here my cousin was still down the pool then I got her up. Both of us started to laugh and laugh until my cousins mum came and said come and get changed it is time to go now.

I felt so excited because I got time to spend time with my cousins and have fun so that I can cooperate with them and laugh and talk before they leave and have the sad part coming up for them and us to say goodbye to us as we say goodbye to them.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Who am I? reading task

This is my first task for 2019 I have been learning new things and I read this task and it was really easy I did it by myself and tried my best to finish it. here is the site for my tasks.

Monday, 21 January 2019

Summer Learning Journey

On your blog tell us wether or not you would like to try flax weaving. Does it interest you? Why or why not?

I  would say yes I would like to try flax  weaving. It is interesting to me because Samoan people and Maori people do that Samoan and Maori make it to make  things to use to take to sale for people.

because so when someone asks if you can make a bag you can make it for them and to make things to put it in for the people when they need it. So that it can be useful for peoples things to use when they need

It was hard to do this task because I had to do it by myself and I think I have had a great time working on this task and I think that I am learning new things about the world and what they learn.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Summer Learning Journey

Fish Fact #1: The oldest known fish in the world is a 65 year old Australian lungfish. TRUE

Fish Fact #2: Sharks are the only fish that have eyelids.FALSE

Fish Fact #3: Starfish are a type of fish.FALSE

Fish Fact #4: Fish communicate with each other by making low-pitched sounds (moans, hisses, etc) TRUE

Fish Fact #5: Fish usually swim together in groups called ‘classes.’
For this weeks task the instruction was to  write if the  sentence was true or false and I think that it is both it was really hard to answer this task.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

SLJ Week 2 Day 1 Activity 2

Activity 2. The great Taupo Cycle challenge

If I could take  people to a race these are the three people I would take.

First I Would take my Dad because he helps me carry my stuff.

Second I would take my mum so that I don’t get lost and keep me safe.

Third I would take my cousin so that we can have fun and enjoy ourselves and enjoy the sun.

This is my Activity for the Summer Learning Journey Task it was easy and kind of hard to do I did it by myself and read what it said on the Summer Learning Journey site. Here is the link to this task.