Wednesday, 18 April 2018


On Thursday we had our school fiafia there were food and fizzy drinks. After we have eaten we had to go to the breeze and a teacher will ask you what dressing room are you are in and  then you say what group. When I went then I said the Samoa group the room that I went to was room 19.

Then they will call out to get ready and come outside and sit down. It was really cold and pouring rain and we were still sitting outside in the rain, We were at the back on the left and my mum was at the back of me. When we started it got colder and colder it was because some kids had no jumpers outside I was the one that had no jumper. When it started it started raining outside.  

It keeps going and going than it was our turn there were people all stand in near the stage watching us dance and shouting our name is out. We were doing the  song this is the song the song  click on the word that says the song. The other one was the song click on this to. This will show you what song we did.