Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Peer edit

Hi My name is Yolanda and my animation this term is all about cave drawing. My animation is all about Kearn and Mary going to the beach in Samoa in the darkness. Once upon a time Kearn and Mary were going to a sandy beach in the darkness and when they saw this large thing so they went near it.It made a large noise so when they walked in and they saw a Moa the Moa and 2 girls walked and saw people walking with a knife and so they threw the knife at the moa and the girls said ho no!! What's going on. The girls didn’t know what was happening to the Moa. The next day!!! The girls went back in the darkness and saw some white stars up in the dark sky. The moa was sleeping so when he was sleeping they just tidied up the blood on the ground. So when the girls went back the man was about to throw the knife the girls went and grabbed the knife Mary and Kearn jumped at the same time that was really lucky that the girls got the knife and saved the day.
Thanks for watching my cave art animation hope you enjoyed.
Today me and my Aaliyah edited it writing and we worked together to peer edit we read each others writing and Aaliyah read mine and I read her's. here is the writing we did.Writing Task

Monday, 19 November 2018

Term 4 Animation

Talofa lava hope you enjoy my animation!! Hi My name is Yolanda and my animation this term is all about cave drawing. My animation is all about Kearn and Mary going to the beach in Samoa in the darkness. Once upon a time Kearn and Mary were going to a sandy beach in the darkness and when they saw this substantial thing to they went near it and it made a substantial noise so when they walked in and they saw the Moa the Moa and the 2 girls walked and saw people walk with the knife and they throw it to the moa so the girls said ho no!! Was going on. So the girls didn’t know what was happening to the Moa. The next day!!! The girls went back in the darkness and saw the moa sleeping so when he was sleeping the girls saw the moa and the person they saw the knife and the person throw the knife and the ground had blood all over the floor so the girls didn’t do anything they just lift the blood on the ground. So when the girls went back the man was about to throw it I went and grabbed the knife Mary and Kearn jumped both at the same time that was really lucky that the girls got the knife. Fa'afetai lava for watching my animation hope you enjoyed is the link to my writing task.
Writing Task for week 6

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Narrative Part 2

Once upon a time, me and my cousins Maylanna,Mary, Jk, Yolanda and Maria. We all went to Samoa then we went up North and then to Australia then we went back to Samoa and lived in a hotel in Samoa. When we were at Samoa Maria drove us to Savaii and we were really elevated to go when we were there so when we went in the car we went pass this place it was made out of crusty brick so all of the cousins asked Maria if they can go back to the mysterious things. When we got out of the car we saw a mysterious time machine and they all thought of that there is a monstrosity in here so when they went they saw rusty gears, cobblestone and a mysterious tunnel up.

They saw a crusty brown mountain and when they were looking up the sky the saw the sky streaming through the clouds and there was a moonlight shining out. So they went and up the dried mountain and started to look up the sky they said that glistening were through the clouds and the moonlight was bringing the sun down so that the sun is set and is bright like the color yellow but lighter and the sunset is lovely.

When Maylanna,Mary and Jk were standing there something was moving so they were to scared to jump to they called for help because we didn’t know what was happening with them do we just called out for help so we turned around and said to each other what should we do? So Maria and Yolanda said should we jumped up high and had a rope to jump and let the rope go up high so that they can as high as they can jump and get the rope and jump back down so then when we jumped they jumped as high so when they jumped they fell down and came down to us. We didn’t know the way back so Maylanna looked and she saw the way so she called out come this why so after that we went back up North and all lived happily ever after.

This is what we had to write about and my righting was about me and my cousins having fun in Samoa but they see something cool and they want to go there but they think of different things like scary things like monsters that lived in there. I hope enjoy reading about my narrative part 2.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Narrative writing plan

This is my Writing Plan and it was so hard because I had to work all by myself and it was all about a tower.

Thursday, 8 November 2018


First me and my maths class timed  so we did 28x63=
then we did  6x200=1200 
 then 20x3=608x3=24

Thats how we got our video.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

My Mother's Coat

This is my reading and the story and it is all about the girl about her coat and it was so easy that I finished it all by myself.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Multiplication and Division

This is my maths and we had to do times it with the other number and  you will have to compare the other number to make get the answer it was so easy that I worked all by myself and I sometimes help others who help me.

Saturday, 3 November 2018


One bright joyful brilliant clear day. Sam asked her sister if he can take her phone? She said yes so he got the phone and hid from his sister his sister called him but he was in the toilet making malodorous noise his sister called Sam five times and he didn’t care about her he kept making malodorous noise he didn’t care about anything even about his sister he was just laughing so he just stood there making malodorous noise. He didn’t even open the door so that means he didn’t respect his sister that is really bad to do that she was in there for five hours until he got out Sam’s sister said I was calling you 5 minutes ago. After that he went back in and started to make more malodorous noise and his sister was calling him again. Sam was in the toilet doing fak fark in the toilet. He found the farking thing on a app and the phone he was on was his siseart teah phone and when he keep on doing the fracking thing and then the stinky creep monster saw the phone that Sam was doing the monster went and grab it and Sam said on don't take it my siseart will kill me for good. The stink monster take it off and fluss his safle in the toilet. Sam had to go run after the Monsanto and the smartphone. He fluss him safle in the toilet and went down the toilet shot. He went on a crocodiles and he saw there home the is in the Something something and went in said and there were 5 stink creep monster and there was the monster with the smartphone. Sam went and said if I do same thing funny then you will have to give the smartphone back sow I can give it back to my sister smartphone back and tj did a frat with his armpit. Then the monster give it back and tj said thank you stink monster. Sam went back home and give it back to here.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Multipliction wk 3 term 4

This is my maths and you have to try and times it with the other number.

Addition and Subtraction wk 3 term 4

This is my maths and we had to do addition and subtraction and it is all about adding the number and taking away you can do hundreds and nines and then do the number and add the next number and our you can take it away.


This is my reading task and Tivaevae is all about cook land's coming together and having fun and there are 3 different Tivaevaes and it is Tivaevae Manu, Tivaevaes tataura and Tivaevaes ta'orei they are all in the book the book is all about familys gathering together to hav lots of fun.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018


This is my DMIC and I was working with Nature and Siaku and Devante and we were working as a team and the first thing we did was 50x6=300 7x6=42 then Miss Moala said what's another way to do 50x6 so we did 50+50+50+50+50+50=300 so then next we did 57x6=342

Monday, 29 October 2018


This what I did in the weekends and I am Samoan that's why.

Samoan is the Best!!!

Sunday, 28 October 2018


 So this DMIC I did it with  Nina and it was so hard we tried to solve it but it didn't work when we did it I hope we can work together next time I want to do my best and help my group to solve the problem the right why. We tried to do our best and that is because I am bad at maths and  my norm  was  to work as a team and talk at the right time I hope you are having a great time looking at my DIMC and thank you for leaving a comment and please leave a comment down blow. 


 This is my reading and it is about the dad painting the pool and he paint's the outside and he paints a Taniwha and the mum didn't like it because she didn't know and she was going to do it.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Learning things about Samoa.

This is the land I come from that's why I did this Samoa is the best. Samoa is the Best!!!


This is my maths for term 4 and you can times and do your addition here is the link.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Addition and subtraction

This is my maths it is all about addition and subtraction.

Recount your earliest memory.

Last year, my cousin’s in Samoa and cousin’s from New Zealand and I went to Samoa with my cousin’s.

The first place I went was Savaii it was a land that was part of Samoa Then, we went to this place that was old and dusty there was a bush’s everywhere. I went up to the bridge and the bridge was dusty and it was so wobbly when I went on it, it was wobbly it was moving side to side and then started to walk to the other side when I walked to the other side I was hoping and jumping up . It was so fun because when my cousin came up and wanted to go back down because she was about to cry so I just went back down with her and I just stayed down with her and her name is Kearn and her sister's were Jk and Dana. The brother’s name was Ari. After that we went to my grandma's mum and dad’s side. Some of us went to sleep at my ant's ant in Samoa I wanted to go but then my mum said you stay. Because I was getting scared because there was a doll right in front of the door.

The next day we went back to Vaisau me and my family's were going to a hotel and it was called Armenaki we all got our own rooms. There was a room that all the older boys and my uncle was in there with them and it was smelly everyone didn’t want to go in it. There was a room for the older girls I always go in there and when I go in there I wack Jk and she wacks me and then we both turn to each other and start laughing. The room I was in was with my Pappa and I was meant to sleep with my mum and dad. My anty and my uncle had there rooms with the girls Jordona and kesaia. There was a pool but I had to wait until my mum came and I got into my swimming togs and dived straight into the pool and I got back in the pool. My cousin Sienna was still in there even when my uncle was going in there. The thing we had for dinner was george's pizza and I was still in the pool. Next we all went to sleep. The next day we all woke up and had breakfast and then some of us went and jumped in the pool and started to swim next, we all started to be cold because the water was cold.

After that we all went back to Vaisau and went back to New Zealand. I had a exciting time and I hope it happens again in the world and in my life.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

balancing Act

This is my reading and the reading is all about telling stories and information in to support our understanding of unknown words and phrases the story is all about a boy that makes things in rocks.

Thursday, 18 October 2018


This is my picture and it is all about a girl and her friend and they all went to what they saw on the ground and there were ats and they were scared and then it was raining and then it went back to  sunny.

DMIC week 1

This is my DMIC and this is what I did and 180-86=94 and my norm is to work as a team and talk at the right time.

surprise writing

On Saturday, My brothers and I went to maya’s birthday.She was only turning one she was there and my cousins my anty were there too. We were eating chicken nibbles, sushi, chocolate, neds and some sweet things. It was so delicious, we had the birthday at Mcdonald’s we had some cookie things like ice block and it was made out of cookie dough was the thing that was inside of some. and chocolate inside it. I tasted one then, I just wanted more and more. Her cake was an dobble.

That was the day that was surprising of my life

First I went and said hi to my anty then next I went and ate some nibbles, sushi and candy. Next, me and my cousin we went inside to the bouncy castle I was hopping everywhere because it was so bouncy on it so then I came down the side. After one minute we went outside and we back inside the room. Next, my brother gave the camera to my cousin we were all around maya and we kept taking photos all around her and I said to my cousin she is probably saying why are all these people crowding around we? All of these shiny bright things are coming into my eyes. Then I started off happy birthday and she was eating the cake. After we sang happy birthday we got to do the pinyard and the boy just hitted the pinyard and the candy was everywhere I got nearly all of the lollies and I took it to the car.

This was the day that was surprise to my life and was so fun.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018


Hi this is my DIMC and this is what I did.


This is all about subtraction and it is all about trying to get the answer and the problem from the problem. 


This term we are learning about addition and try my best to get the answer by adding and  working the problem out.

Cave Drawing

Hi my name is Yolanda and this is for my animation it is all about cave drawing and the theme is te wa' toi and that means art time.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

first day of term 4

Talofa lava welcome to my blog. Today was the first day of school. We had a immersion assembly for the theme and for what we were doing this term. The theme was te wa toi and Mr Burt was looking different and then team 1 teachers did there item and there item was all about art. After they painted team 1 teachers put the art all together and it made a tiger and when we all looked at Mr Burt we was still looked different because they were trying to make him look like Mawi from the movie moana. Mr Burt called team 2 teachers up and 2 teachers had a competition who can finish there painting when the movie finishes they have to be finished. The movie was all about themselves and what is important to them and who is important to the teachers and what they like. What country they are and where they got raised up. Mr Burt was looking like mawi from the movie moana.

This is all about the theme and the theme is all about Te wa' toi.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

coordinate battleship

This is my maths and me and Aaliyah we partners and we were playing battleship and Aaliyah won first and Aaliyah.

working problems.

 342 + 524 =866
answer 866

36 X 6 = 216

3/7 = 3/7
This is all about adding and subsiding and timing and getting the answer and working it out and adding it was hard because we had to do some of it in my maths book.


This is my maths and you have to add and do what it says.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018


This term we are learning about multiplication and it means when you times something and then you can get the answer. The thing that is hard is when I am timing it  and the thing I need to work on is asking for help from my friends before I go to my teacher.

making a game volly

What materials/things do you need for your sport?


Where can your game be played?

It could be outside on the grass and on the cort and at the beach.

How many players are needed? How many teams are there?

6 players on each side on the side of the net.

Explain how the players have to cooperate. Explain how the players can compete.

Our team have to competition the players have to try and get the ball over the net and if the ball goes out you don’t get points.

Explain the rules of your game so that someone else could know how to play it.

we are not allowed to hit the ball out.

We are not allowed to hit the ball to hit the ball to the ground.

You are not allowed to hit the ball on the net.

You are only allowed to hit the ball to the other person next to you

What is the goal of your game? How do players win?

The goal is how many points you can get and they can win because if a person hits the ball on the net then the other team gets a point.

This week I learnt that if you make a game that is competition it means you can play it with your friends. This task is all about moving your body and making a game, we made a game because our theme for this term is move ya’ body and games that can move your body is something that is good for you.

I did enjoy this task because I can make a game that is cool and the game I am making is a enjoyable game.

The thing that is difficult is when I show people how to play the game.

Team work

This is my reading and I was trying to work as a team and it was all about this girl playing netball and it was her first time and she was scared but her coach Sam told her that she would be ok.

Monday, 24 September 2018


This is my maths.


This is my maths and you had to addition and was good for me.

Cara's cow pat

This is my maths and we were trying to find the maths problem and I was trying my best and it was hard.