Friday, 30 June 2017

Fairy Bread

Last week on  Thursday me and my class made some sweet crunchy fairy bread. First we got our plate after a while we got our knife. next   Miss  Davis gave us some butter and we butter our bread carefully. Miss Davis said I am coming around with the sparkly  sprinkles. We put the sparkly sprinkles on the bread. We cut out our bread and made it like the Matariki 7 stars. Finally we could eat it.  It tasted like rainbow stars.  We shared what we made. My favourite part is when we put on the butter and I started to get hungry,  I loved making fairy bread.

Saturday, 24 June 2017


In the weekends on Saturday, I    went to church to pray. After a while when church finished we went and bought some  frozen coke to drink  I was the first one to get my drink.   Me, my brother  drank our drinks but my mum didn’t because she left her one in the freezer to make it  cold. When we got home me. My brother drank and drank after that we cleaned the toilet and kitchen but I had to clean the front so I clean and clean my first job was to clean my room. Finally I clean the front my brothers were really helpful when I need help they help me . That time was when my mum was gone shopping with my 1 sister and brother after   awhile they got home and  brought my new shoes I like it.  That is the end of my story. I love sonny, hendrix, brendan, jordan, mum, dad, mary.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


today we were writing about rabbits.
once a porn  a time there was two rabbit  The rabbit came out from the back of there house to break there house and the people saw two  rabbit   coming from  the back of there house. The people     started running out from there house. Because the rabbit wanted to eat them. The white and brown rabbit were standing on there car and two people had got etn because they were still in the house then when they came out the brown and white were waiting for him to come so he came and the brown and white rabbit had eat him. They were getting afraid because they had nowhere else  to go   and stay.

Saturday, 17 June 2017


In the weekend I stayed home with my family. My brothers cleaned the kitchen and the toilet my aunty came to my house with my brother that worked with him, my anchl came to pick her up and then my mum call my cousin to see if my cousin,s dad was home but he was still at work so she call my aunty to see if she was at home but her daughter picked up the phone and my mum said is your mum there she said  no then she gave the phone to her other daughter to see if she have done her design  she said no that was the time my sister,  brother left me and my mum, dad and hendrix my brother after awhile they  came  to come home so they came home.    because my mum and dad had to go to church and to  dance but me and my brothers and sister stay home they came home at night because they have a lot of people there to dance. They came home and were tired so we still had to go church.

the story of Tamarereti

A long time ago in the Lake of Taupo there was no stars, but there was a Taniwha who lived in the sea. He came out at night and hurt people.  Tamarereti was  afraid but sometimes he was brave.

When it was morning Tamarereti woke up and was hungry. So he went fishing and after he had caught three fish he went to sleep. Tamarereti  slept  and the wind blew.  He woke up when the waka got to the edge of the land.

When he woke up he went and slept  on the ground. When the sun went down Tamarereti woke up and cooked his fish.  Suddenly Tamarereti got an  idea and got some glistening pebbles.

After he got the pebbles he went in his waka and threw some pebbles and they became the 7 star sisters.  

Tamarereti then went home safely in his waka. Then he saw Ranginui outside and he went outside and he was not going to get punished from Ranginui. Ranginui said things that he had done to the sky.
That is the end.  

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

picked for the team

Was Lee a lot slower than Hannah? How do you know?
It,s because it says that lee was so slow then Hannah.
Why do you think Hannah dropped her bag on the verandah when she came home from school?
Because she was very excited that she was in a swimming  team.
Why did Mum say “We won’t move you, because you may have broken your leg.”?
Because she had a broken leg and she will break her leg more.  
Why do you think Dad put his jacket around Hannah?
Because hannah was cold and so she can lie still.
What was the nurse doing when she said hello to Hannah in the morning?
She said that  her leg will have to be in plaster for weeks several.
Why do you think children who are in hospital have special treats and visitors?
Because they have  not seen the child that,s  is in hospital  and  when they break his leg  they will cry.
What does the following phrase mean?
“Ella Roberts!” Hannah could hardly believe her eyes and ears.
Hannah is excited  that Ella is there.

For each picture, decide how each character might be feeling - and why. Choose the feeling words from the box below.

concerned       proud        elated        scared          worried       nervous        disappointed     privileged

Jul 9, 2016 2:10:02 PM.jpg
Jul 9, 2016 2:09:00 PM.jpgJul 9, 2016 2:09:00 PM.jpg
Dad: Dad is anxiously because hannah is in pain because she broke her leg.
Mum: mum is worried because Hannah broke her leg.
Hannah: she is  scared    because she broke her leg.
Jul 9, 2016 2:10:49 PM.jpg
Hannah: hannah got a gold medal from  Ella. because she didn't go to her  swimming game so she got the gold medal.
Lee: lee got picked for the team because hannah
broke her leg.,.
Ella: when Ella gave the gold medal because
Hannah didn't go to swimming.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

my cousins birthday

On Saturday me and my family went to my cousin's    house because it was my cousin’s   brother's  birthday and he was 21 years old  he had a key from his dad and he hugged his dad  after he had florin his cake out we sang happy birthday after a while we went and ate I was so excited

After we had eaten we played and played my cousin's brother let  my brother  play on his ps4 he loved playing then we ate the cake but my cousins sister and I didn't have some cake because he were still in her room then my sister and brother came with my other cousins and they were drinking a lot then we went back home but not with my brothers and cousins they came with my brother in his car they came in the morning.    

Saturday, 10 June 2017

The Dolphins

Why did Ben prefer swimming in a pool?
It will be much more better in a pool.
Were there lots of cars on the road to the beach? How do you know?
Yes because it says that all the cars on the road were moving slowly.
How did Jason feel at the end of page 4? “Jason said nothing.”
Sad because he wanted to go to his friends house to practise his swimming.
What were the rules when swimming in the water?
They were  not allowed  to kick or splash, touch the dolphins.
How was Jason feeling on page 10? How do you know?
Sad because his face looked so sad.

Compare - Characters
How did Jason feel at the start of the book?
How did Jason feel at the end of the book?
What happened to change the way Jason felt?
He went to see the dolphins.

On page 4 the author described the journey in the car.
What 4 phrases did the author use to let you know what the trip was like?
  1. It was taking for ever.
2. The fumes from the traffic it  made jason feel sick.
3.  It was hot in the car and sticky under his legs.
4. He wanted to go to swim in ben,s pool.

Character Prediction
Do you think that Jason would like to learn to dive?
Why or why not?
Because he doesn't like the sea.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Rotational Symmetry

today we created some images about Rotational Symmetry  
was imaged in 2s,3s, and 6s then we can create our own ones this is my one it looks very cool.

An image with an order of 2

An image with an order of 3

An image with an order of 4

An image with an order of 6


An image with an order of your choice

Saturday, 3 June 2017

being kind and helpful.

I was being kind,  helpful,  I was being kind by  cleaning the house with my brother. We washed the dishes  and let my mum go to sleep and when my mum woke up she saw everything done and my other brother    clean the toilet and we done the washing for all my family and I felt so    good that we done everything for our family We tae at McDonalds.  I tae a brager and it was fun. Me my brother were so excited and     happy and we told stories and then  We went back home.