Wednesday, 30 May 2018

air planes

This is about air planes how they can fly.


this is my DIMC and watch my video. I  add 17 and 18 it makes 24 then it times it 24x 1 =  24 then 1 x 24 = 24.  

solving problem

This week we have been doing  solving problem

Monday, 28 May 2018

fiafia writing

On Thursday last term  we had our school fiafia there were food and fizzy drinks. After we have eaten we had to go to the breeze and a teacher will ask you what dressing room are you are in and  then you say what group. When I went then I said the Samoa group the room that I went to was room 19. Then after we got changed we lined up to get ready to go outside and sit down and it was  wet on the ground.

Next we started and we were at the back. It was freezing cold out there and it was rainy out there and everyone was cold and the rain was coming to us  and I was sitting with my mum. Then the rain stopped when it was our turn people were standing at the front of the stage when I went on stage I felt like I was so excited.

When we started people were calling out people's  names then they looked like they were so proud of us. The song we were dancing to soso mai and  dj smith samoa songs.