Saturday, 8 July 2017

last day of school

On Friday of July the 7th it was the last day of school. At school when morning tea was finished  me and my class got to watch a movie and eat some cookies and  Popcorn.     Because our Chromebooks had to go away so yesterday my class packed our Chromebooks. Today we didn’t get to and get our Chromebooks because a boy called Hendrix at my class his mum came and took our Chromebooks yesterday. I was excited because that was the first time we have had fun.


  1. Hi Yolanda! It is great to see you blogging on the holiday. It's wonderful to read that you had a fun day on your last day of Term 2 :)

    If you enjoy blogging, I hope that you will join our Winter Learning Journey blogging programme. It runs from today (8 July) to the end of the holiday. You can join any time. To join in, simply log onto the Winter Learning Journey website and click on the Weekly Activities tab. You will find 21 different activities on the page that you can choose from. Each time you complete an activity and post a blog on your blog site I will read it, comment and give you points.

    I hope to see you blogging with us lots over the holiday!

    Cheers, Rachel :)

  2. thank you for that comment. we wish you all the best.from yolanda

    1. Thanks Yolanda! Feel free to join us if you want to. The programme is open every day until Saturday 22 July.

      All the best, Rachel :)

  3. Hi Yolanda,

    We really enjoy blogging with you, too! Please continue to write your blogs and we read them and do our very best to reply to each one!

    Happy holidays :)


  4. i will blog every day so i can get something from you and my teacher because she can see what I do. I hope you are having a good time in the holidays and i miss you.
    wish all the best from Yolanda the girl who blogs every day thanks for that I am really really liking blog with you


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