Thursday, 19 October 2017


One morning, our teacher said excitedly  that we had to go to the hall.  I walked with my class enthusiastically into the hall then we sat down beautifully. I went to the hall  because there was an assembly to start the new term. When I got in the hall we saw Mr J was  wearing crazy clothes and  they were singing a song.

Our  teachers were doing items.  My favorite movie was team 5s movie. They were pretending to be a family and they watched the movie and were eating  popcorn in a cup the movie was called the Lion king. They changed songs in the movie so they can have the different feelings. They  were scared of the movie then they told there dad to change the movie. Then they were laughing at the movie.

Finally it was finished Mr Burt and Mrs Nua and Mr J were  singing the song for us to leave.

I liked the assembly  when  the teachers of our school when the were doing there Items.
I liked when Miss Davis was saying she is going to see bunnies    , she wait to Mr Moran then Miss King said to mr moran  saying where  are you going to  then  he said he was going to the beach.  

I like when Mr J and Mr Burt was singing the song.

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