Monday, 7 May 2018

pt england school start term 2

In the morning on Monday  Pt England school teachers and students went to the hall. It  was  very exciting because Teams of teachers were showing there items they made.The school theme for this term is I like to move it and team 1 was first  they were going to the beach and they were trying to take away the big rock in the way. They tried to push the rock it didn’t work  then they were trying to find a long thing that they can all stand on and make it jump then it will go away. When they were walking they found a big branch and they push the branch and it went away then they kept going to the beach. They went to the beach in a car.
Next was team 2   they were learning about wheels they were  on a car then another teacher was in the trolley fell down on the ground.

Team 3 was  on the playground dancing and sliding on the slide.

Team 4 was thinking what should we do for this term then we they we looking at the staff that can fly.

Team 5 was playing tug of war and they had to try and poll the rop and they lost and the other team won.

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